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We perform a complete review where we treat any type of alteration in the skin and nails.

We treat hardness, calluses, ingrown nails, papillomas, ... This review is essential to maintain good podiatric health and prevent future pathologies.


We have advanced technology for the computerized study of the footprint that reveals the way the patient walks.

Depending on the activity of each person (athletes, hotel staff, work with safety shoes, …) we perform various tests that help us find the most appropriate treatment for the needs of our patients.


We help our patients with surgical treatments when the most conservative ones are not enough to solve their problems.

The most frequent pathologies susceptible to surgery are hallux valgus (bunions), claw toes, interdigital helomas (rooster eyes), ingrown toenails, small cysts …


Children’s feet develop as they grow, so it is essential to review them to prevent possible major defects in the future.

Younger children have a large amount of cartilage that gradually becomes ossified as they grow to shape their final foot. During this development we have the possibility to make corrections in the feet. We treat all kinds of alterations such as flat feet, lazy feet, Sever’s disease, etc.


Patients with diabetes have high blood glucose levels. Over time, this can damage nerves or blood vessels.

Damage to the nerves produced by diabetes can cause you to lose sensation in your feet and therefore not feel a hyperpressure, a blister or a wound for example by foreign body. The damage to the blood vessels can also mean that the feet do not receive enough blood and oxygen causing these two pathologies lesions such as ulcers and infections.

That is why it is vital to carry out periodic reviews to avoid problems in the future that could lead to more serious disorders.


The adipose tissue of the sole of the foot can modify its property of cushioning and as well as dehydration, which causes more injuries to occur due to overloads.

The nails also undergo changes in their structure and thickness. Due to the difficulty of these patients to access to keep their feet make our service fundamental.

The care of the feet of elderly people deserves special treatment offering among other footwear or insoles that can help the patient’s well-being and their autonomy.