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•  Elimination of hard skinwhich often appears due to the rubbing or the pressure caused by the footwear and also because of the own malformation of the foot itself.

•  Treatment for nail diseases :


•  Fungus/ fungal infection
•  Ingrown nails
•  Nails deformities

•  Treatment for sole wartsWarts are viral injuries which usually appear for contagion/infection. The most frequent places where you can be infected are normally at public showers, sport centres, swimming pools, etc. Therefore, it is recommended to use suitable footwear (flip-flops) to avoid the direct contact with the floor.
•  Treatment for infection of the food caused by diabetes:The diabetic patient must pay special attention to his/ her feet due to the high risk of injuries often produced by a vascular failure which can provoke ulcers. For this reason, it is necessary to make a personal follow-up of these patients.
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